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A nature-based philosophy to compliment our nature-loving community.

Wildflower Nature School provides a nature-based approach to early childhood education by integrating environmental education and whole-child development. An emergent, nature-based curriculum creates an environment for intentional teaching based on the children's interests and their individual needs. Children stay active and engaged in each day’s investigation as the teacher adapts to where the child’s discovery leads them - indoors, outdoors, and beyond.

Research has shown that nature improves a child’s ability to learn while giving them an opportunity to explore their cognitive, physical, social, and even artistic outlets. Our nature-based learning center blurs the lines between the indoor and outdoor spaces with the use of open-ended and natural materials indoors, ample time outdoors, and open-ended investigations about the world beyond the fence. WNS believes every child has the right to discover their true selves through their play in nature and in our school.


Outdoor Play

Children are familiarized with the plants, animals, and natural through rich learning experiences, ecological literacy, and healthy living by connecting children to nature.


Nature-Based Play

Teachers promote learning from season to season, supporting children’s understanding of patterns and changes in nature.


Imaginative Play

Environments are created to enhance creativity with the use of natural materials indoors, extensive outdoor time, and open-ended investigations led by the child.

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