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Enrollment Forms


State regulations require that we maintain a record of each child’s successful immunizations. At the time of admission, the parent must provide documentation of the child’s immunization and it must prove to be appropriate for that age. Additionally, parents are responsible for bringing documentation of each immunization the child receives while enrolled at the center. Wildflower requires proof of immunizations on CDPHE's Certificate of Immunization Form

Immunization Exemptions

A medical exemption for those children who cannot be vaccinated and a nonmedical exemption for those who choose not to vaccinate remains an option for Colorado families. For our school to consider your exemption, the following must be completed respectively:


  • Parents and caregivers claiming a medical exemption from vaccination for their child must have a completed Certificate of Medical Exemption with the signature of a healthcare provider. Medical exemptions only need to be submitted once, unless the student’s information or school changes.

  • If a parent or caregiver chooses not to have their child vaccinated, they may claim a nonmedical exemption in one of two ways:

    • Submit the official Certificate of Nonmedical Exemption with the signature of an immunizing provider (such as a medical doctor, advanced practice nurse, pharmacist, etc.) OR

    • Submit the official Certificate of Nonmedical Exemption received upon completion of CDPHE’s Online Immunization Education Module (see bottom of page).

    • Note: Nonmedical exemptions for preschool or child care must be submitted at 2, 4, 6, 12, and 18 months of age. These exemptions expire when the next vaccines are due or when a child enrolls in Kindergarten. Nonmedical exemptions for school-aged children must be submitted annually and expire on June 30th of each year.


To protect unvaccinated children, students with an exemption from one or more required vaccines may be kept out of a school or child care during a disease outbreak.

Optional Medical Documents

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