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To empower curious minds and cultivate lifelong learners through educational and immersive nature-based experiences.

To promote whole child development through a nature-based, emergent curriculum, inspiring them to become leaders of a socially responsible generation.


  • Emergent nature-based education

  • Whole-Child Development

  • Environmental Stewardship


  • Inclusivity

  • Community Partnerships

  • Family Minded


Our Philosophy


Wildflower Nature School implements an integrated curriculum highlighting environmental education through a nature-based approach and supporting whole-child development. Nature-based curriculum provides tools for children to develop an understanding for the world from a holistic point of view. Children stay active and engaged in each day’s investigation as the teacher adapts their learning to where the child’s discovery leads them. 

Evidence has shown that nature improves a child’s ability to learn while giving them an opportunity to explore their cognitive, physical, social, and even artistic outlets. Silverthorne serves as a perfect outdoor classroom as our nature-based learning center will blur the lines between the indoor and outdoor spaces. To create this environment, our center implements the use of natural materials indoors, extensive outdoor time, and open-ended activities. WNS believes every child has the right to discover their true selves through their play in nature and in our school.

Wildflower Nature School is dedicated to meeting the needs of all the children in our community. Our values are rooted in a sense of community through deep nature connection mentoring. This includes maintaining relationships with our community partners and providing development resources for families and children. We are committed to offer quality services that are accessible and affordable to families of all incomes, backgrounds, and cultures.

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