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Our teachers have curated an Amazon wish list to help enhance the learning experience for our students. These items, carefully selected by our educators, will make a significant difference in our classrooms. We are reaching out to our wonderful community to ask for your support in making these wishes come true. Click on the Amazon Wishlist icon to the right to visit our wishlist.

1. Visit our Amazon Wish List:

2. Select an Item: Browse through the list and choose an item or items that you would like to donate. Every contribution, no matter the size, is greatly appreciated.

3. Complete the Purchase: Add the item to your cart and complete the purchase. Amazon will handle the rest, ensuring that the items are delivered to our school.


We understand that everyone's circumstances are different, and any support you can offer is invaluable. Whether you choose to donate an item from the wish list or share this message within your network, your contribution is meaningful.

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