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All families interested in enrolling at WNS should join our waitlist via LegUp, or find it on our website at We reference this waitlist each time space becomes available and reach out to the first family with a child that fits the age bracket of the available space. 

Priority on our waitlist for all ages is provided to families based on the following: 

  1. Children of staff

  2. Children whose siblings currently attend Wildflower Nature School

  3. Live or work in Lower Blue Basin or Snake River Basin

From here we will evaluate the availability and needs of our classrooms. 

Enrollment Procedures 

Once space becomes available to a family, WNS will call to notify the family and schedule a tour of the school. This provides an opportunity for the family to understand more about our center and ask any questions during the enrollment process.

  • Families have 48 hours, excluding weekends, to accept the spot. An acceptance fee of $125 is due at this time. This one-time, nonrefundable fee does not count towards your tuition. 

  • If you choose to accept, a start date must be within 14 days or at the earliest available date WNS has open for your child. 

  • Upon enrollment, you will receive an enrollment paperwork link via Early Learning Ventures (ELV) in your email to begin the required paperwork process. We use ELV as a partner organization to track student attendance and child information as required by state licensing. 

  • All required paperwork must be completed before your child’s first day. 

  • Your child’s first month’s tuition is due on their first day.

Tuition Rates

Daily Rates are calculated into a standard monthly rate based on 52 weeks per year.

Formula: $daily rate x # days per week x 52 weeks per year / 12 months


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